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Meezer aims to offer the best tuning, parts and consultancy services available, for customers ranging from the amateur car enthusiast to the pro race car driver. Founded in 2009, the Meezer Group is a growing Stainless Works' dealer that is becoming more successful every year. Based out of Saudi Arabia, Meezer group handles the full spectrum of makes and models, but is best known for their work with late-model Fords, for which they do some top notch dyno-tuning. They also run Meezer.com which hosts an ever growing range of performance products, including the latest in Stainless Works' headers and exhausts.

A member of the Eastern Chamber, Meezer brings a true racing pedigree to the market as it is run by race car drivers from the Mazda "Ma5da" Championships in the UK to the Chevrolet V8 Supercars of the Middle East. A member of SEMA, Meezer takes pride in being heavily involved in the world of performance cars and hope to expand with limitless possibilities. Their connections and friendship with global companies like Stainless Works, Steeda, aFe Power, SCT, and PST Driveshafts (just to name a few), allow them to find the best deals for clients, which is further reinforced with their experienced technical support and quick services.

Meezer Group is currently expanding and remodeling their headquarters to better serve their customers. They have recently completed new construction on their workshop and are going to be installing a brand new state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line Mustang dyno. In the next few weeks they will also be wrapping up a complete remodel of their showroom, which will have plenty of new space for customers and vehicles.

Learn more and shop online at Meezer.com

Featured Meezer Upgrade: 2006 Ford Crown Vic

Meezer first ran the 2006 Crown Vic (Mileage: 220,000km) with the following mods:
SCT Custom Tune, Marauder Airbox and MAF, Steeda Pulleys, Denso Iridium Spark Plugs

Their base numbers were: Max Power 203.7 HP and Max Torque 237.95 ft-lb

Then Meezer added: Stainless Works off-road long tube headers, SW X-Pipe, SW Cat-Back

After install and tuning the new numbers were: Max Power 222.56 HP and Max Torque 269.38 ft-lb

A power improvement of 18.86 HP and 31.43 ft-lb

Meezer Group:
Online: meezer.com
Email: info@meezer.com
USA Toll Free +1-866-808-5407
International +1-570-696-4094
Saudi Arabia +966-3-8451145

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