SW Commercial Fabrication

Whether steel, stainless steel or aluminum, we can handle your project from concept to completion

Stainless Works can meet all of your prototyping and production needs with complete sheet metal fabricating capabilities. Our services include quick delivery on small quantity prototypes, close tolerance fabrications, and high volume production runs. Stainless Works can meet all of your prototyping and production needs with complete sheet metal fabricating capabilities.

Our services include:

  • Quick delivery on small quantity prototypes
  • Close tolerance fabrications
  • Medium volume production runs


With our state of the art robotic welders, we can fabricate all of your fabricating needs. We specialize in stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and titanium.

Stainless Works is a group of people working hard to expand our capabilities and quality through new technologies, which includes two CNC Trumpf Lasers, a CNC Press Brake, a CNC Robotic Cell and fixtures that are built to assure and verify repeatability of our tig welded products. In addition, these in-house processes are available for any custom application you require, including special laser cutting and bending.

Using an ever-increasing variety of materials, Stainless Works offers rapid turnaround of laser cut parts ranging from foil up to 1.00" thick. With our 96 ton Brake Press we can bend, fold, and hem all of your material requirements. With our 100" bed length and ability to form .500 material, no job is too large.


Services Offered

Whether you need a single stainless steel prototype or a medium-volume production run, Stainless Works is your solution for unmatched metal fabrication and engineering.

Our Chagrin Falls facility (located just 30 minutes from downtown Cleveland, Ohio View Google Map) uses the latest technology in laser machinery, with state-of-the-art >metal fabrication equipment to handle custom one-of-a-kind stainless steel pieces to high-volume product runs. In addition to cutting edge technologies, we have assembled an amazing team of dedicated professionals, who take great pride in quality work and exceptional service.

We offer an array of services including:

  • Consultation
  • Design & Engineering
  • Drawing
  • Laser Cutting
  • Folding
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Machining
  • Pemming Services


At Stainless Works we take pride in the fact that we are a one-stop shop. From designing and engineering your idea to fabricating and finishing the final product, we do it all in-house, under one roof!

Our facility is state-of-the-art and we attribute our success to the fact that we are always challenging ourselves to adapt and improve. Whether it is our production methods or machinery, we never settle and are always striving for excellence and quality.



Experience, Industries & Clients

Stainless Works proudly serves a variety of industries with an array of metal fabrication capabilities that we command all under one roof.

We've engineered and manufactured for diverse clients such as:


  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural & Farm Equipment
  • Appliances/Electrical Equipment
  • Automotive & Trucking
  • Construction Equipment
  • Energy/Environmental
  • Furniture/Fixtures & Racks
  • Food Processing



  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  • Marine
  • Materials Handling
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Wastewater Treatment



Capabilities and Equipment

Stainless Works has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and we love being able to utilize them in creative ways.

From simple flat laser-cut pieces, to complex and challenging steel products, we offer quality workmanship, innovative engineering, flexible service and affordable pricing.

Our in-house equipment is fine-tuned to meet your needs. The specifics of our equipment and materials available are displayed to the right.

  • Trumpf Lasers
    • Stainless up to 1.00''
    • Steel up to 1.00''
    • Aluminum up to .625''
  • 96 Ton Trumpf 7 axis CNC Press Brake 100'' bed
  • Robotic TIG and MIG welding
  • Hand MIG and TIG welding
  • 2 CNC mandrel tube benders
    • Bend round tube 1.5'' to 3.5'' diameter
    • Up to 10' lengths
  • Power Slip Roll
    • Up to 10 GA at 49''
  • Haeger® 8 ton Insertion machine
    • PEM® Fastners
  • 2 Vibratory Tumblers
    • Break edges
    • Removes laser dross / slag
  • Bead / Sand Blasting
  • Tapping Arm
  • Solidworks® Design software
  • Romer® 6 axis coordinate measuring arm
    • Accurate to ±.0005''
    • Tube inspection and reverse engineering
    • Dezignworks® Reverse engineering and inspection software
  • AIM Wire Bender
    • Wire and Tube
    • .157'' to .630'' diameter

Stainless Works offers our services in the following materials and sizes.

  • Steel
    • Up to 1.00"
  • 304 Stainless
    • Up to .750"
    • #4 Brushed Available
    • #8 Polished Available
    • PVC Coated Options
  • Aluminum
    • Up to .500"
  • Laser Tube Cutting
    • Various diameters and configurations available
    • Call for specific applications: 800.878.3635