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Enjoy home-made clips our happy customers posted on YouTube of their pride & joy in action!
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Meet a few of our customers:

Graham Rahal Raptor Tweet

Graham Rahal Raptor Install

Graham Rahal

2011 Ford Raptor 6.2L SuperCrew

A week before his 3rd place finish in the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, professional driver Graham Rahal was installing Stainless Works exhausts and headers on his 2011 Ford Raptor SuperCrew! It's awesome to know that Graham's ride off-the-track is a Stainless Works upgraded Raptor. He was excited enough about his new Stainless Works headers and exhaust that he even put a few SW shout-outs and pictures via twitter.

Graham upgraded his Raptor SuperCrew with the Stainless Works True-Dual system:

Raptor Headers: 1.875" diameter primaries and 3" slip fit collectors with merge spikes. Includes 3" lead pipes, hi flow metal matrix catalytic converters, X-pipe and clamps.

Raptor Exhaust: 3" True-Dual Side Exhaust with dual chambered turbo mufflers, 3.5" diameter slash cut polished tips.

Thanks again Graham for choosing Stainless Works for your Raptor Headers and Exhaust, and for spreading the word about us being, "the best in the business!"

US Marine Paul Barner

2010 Ford Raptor 6.2L

Paul Barner stopped in from New York with his new Ford Raptor.

Paul upgraded his 2010 6.2L Raptor with a complete system which includes our long-tube performance headers, true-dual exhaust with an x-pipe, S-tube turbo mufflers and polished tips.

Chicago Garage Review

SPC. Amber McGraw

2010 Camaro 6.2L V8

PFC. Amber McGraw recently took advantage of the November free install program. Her 2010 Camaro 6.2L V8 was in need of an upgrade over the stock system. She ordered our 304SS Headers w/ 1-7/8" Primaries and our catback system with s-tube mufflers. This system is one of our most popular products but Amber had one request. She wanted it louder. You don't have to tell us twice!

/// 1-7/8" Primaries, X-Pipe, S-Tube Mufflers, and Polished Tips.

Amber by her car

Amber by her car outside

SPC. Brandon Akers

2004 Pontiac GTO

SPC. Brandon Akers is the owner and he is stationed in Farah, Afganistan in the 73 CAV / 82 Airborne. He had just purchased this car right before he was deployed and kept telling his uncle he wanted to get a performance exhaust. It just so happened that his uncle knew of Stainless Works. His wife and uncle got in contact with us and we were able to offer him a free install due to our monthly special.

/// 1-3/4" Primaries, 3" Converters, X-Pipe, Chambered Turbo Mufflers, and Dual Inlet Wide Oval Tip.

2004 Pontiac GTO

Brandon in the field Brandon in the field 2

Kyle M.

2012 Mustang GT 500

Just wanted to let you know that I put the complete exhaust on my 2012 GT 500. Headers to tips and it came out better than I could have even imagined. I got a lot of weird looks at first when you see the chambered mufflers compared to the standard muffler but they sounded awesome. Going to your exhaust and putting the 2.9 Whipple on my car it is like having a completely new car and with 700rwhp "streetable" I took it on the 2012 Power Tour and got all kinds of compliments on the sound of the car. Just wanted to say "Great Job"!