Connection Type


Stainless Works is different than our competitors in that we offer a variety of designs and options for one system. One aspect that sets us apart is our various connection points. We not only offer the OEM "Factory Connect" option, which mates to a factory connection point, but we also offer "Performance Connect" options for many models.

"Performance Connect" was developed to help vehicles gain more performance than the standard factory connection point allows, and "Performance Connect" systems require the installation of both Stainless Works headers and exhaust to fit properly and gain the full performance benefit.

Features of Performance Connect:

True-Dual Performance - In most cases, if a factory system uses a Y-Pipe, our "Performance Connect" systems will use an X-Pipe, making it a "True-Dual" system.

Y-Pipe to connect to factory system.

X-Pipe connection to SW Performance Connect headers, a "True-Dual" system.

Consistent Diameter - Often times connecting to a factory system often requires swaging or necking down the diameter to fit (for example: 3" inch down to 2-1/2"), our "Performance Connect" systems maintain a consistent diameter, which increases flow and power.