2016 Camaro SS Headers & Exhaust, Part 3

Thanks for checking out our series on the development of the Camaro SS exhaust system. In Camaro SS Headers & Exhaust: Part 1, we talked about the overall system and went into detail on the muffler and special exhaust valve we designed, and Camaro SS Headers & Exhaust: Part 2 discussed the process for designing a set of headers for this machine.

Now in part 3 we provide some helpful links and resources to help you pull the trigger on one of these bad boys.  I've got a few videos showing the overview of the system, a few videos showing the installation, and a couple of videos of before-and-after sound clips.

More Information:

Want more info on the system, or on SW in general?  Check out the videos below - we've got Lethal Garage doing an overview of the whole exhaust, while Subaruwrxfan does a shop tour of our facility and checks out the Camaro up on the lift.

Stainless Works 2016 Camaro SS System - R&D Video
Our Official Video: The first video you need to check out is ours - we discuss the development of the system, and give you some behind the scenes info. Plus, some beauty shots of it on the car.



Lethal Garage - Exhaust Overview
Lethal Garage is a Camaro SS Youtuber. He and his Stainless Works-equipped Camaro SS are all over the net.  In this video he shows our full exhaust system from front to back and talks about the great features.  (Lethal Garage also has a great installation video for this system - check below.)


Subaruwrxfan - Shop Tour
Stainless Works shop tour - and great behind the scenes footage of this system being made, with our test Camaro up on the lift. You'll see header primaries being fit, tig welding happening. Good stuff.



Installation Videos:

Not sure how to install the system? It's easy - all of our systems come ready to install, with appropriate RTV, bolts and hangers. Here's a video or two showing the installation of this exciting system.

Lethal Garage - installation video
How To: 2016/2017 Camaro SS Stainless Works Catback Exhaust Install Guide. Follow along as Lethal Garage installs this amazing exhaust system. Great sound clips at the end.




There's no denying it, our systems sound amazing!  Check out these examples of our system out there, making magic happen every day.

Stainless Works 2016 Camaro SS System - Before & After
The official Stainless Works Before and After sound clip video. You'll get to see some sexy shots of this Camaro SS out on the roads, plus before and after sound samples of every combination available. Get your headphones on!



2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE Stainless Works Cat Back Exhaust Movie. This guy has beautiful footage of his Camaro - the car looks amazing and our exhaust sounds killer!



Phastek Performance
2017 ZL1 Factory Cat-back vs Stainless Works - great comparison of our system and the factory Camaro exhaust.  Obviously our system sounds amazing. Check it out.



Sharp Shifter
2017 ZL1 Camaro with Stainless Works Catback system - up on the dyno and pulling hard. Sounds amazing!



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