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Stainless Works introduces our new brand of value-line header and exhaust products made for the high-quality market, yet specially priced for the cost conscious consumer. Stainless Power is a brand name line of exhaust products that has been designed and manufactured to the exacting standards made famous by Stainless Works. These products are exclusively made and inspected to our exact specifications and made from the highest quality 304L Stainless Steel.


  • • 304L Stainless Steel construction
  • • Mandrel bent smooth primaries
  • • Fully Tig Welded
  • • 3/8" thick 304 stainless steel header flanges
  • • NEW Formed Merge Collectors
  • • Welded-in Merge Spikes
  • • O2 Bungs welded in place
  • • All necessary O2 extensions included for front O2s
  • • Install-Ready: Includes Header Bolts, RTV Hi Temp Silicon and necessary clamps
  • • 24-Month Guarantee

The all new Stainless Power product line will be sold and supported by Stainless Works. Please call for pricing and availability as we strive to increase production and add more makes and models as demand for Stainless Power products increases. Call 800.878.3635 for details and ordering.

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Camaro Performance Headers and Exhaust Dyno

Chevy Camaro V8 2010+ download PDF


Stainless Power Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Stainless Works making a Stainless Power header?

Stainless Works has been under siege from several unscrupulous companies who have taken our header designs overseas for duplication. After we use our, time, technology and money to develop these products, copycat companies simply steal them, have them manufactured at a significant discount overseas and sell them as their own. They are selling dozens of our header designs right here in the US. This practice, for which we have little recourse, has resulted in a loss of market share for our products. Stainless Works has simply taken this process as our own to combat this unscrupulous practice. All these subcontracted products will be branded and labeled as "Stainless Power".


Does that mean that Stainless Works is no longer making headers in the USA?

No, Stainless Works continues to make headers in the USA under the Stainless Works brand. Today and into the future we will continue to make the same application headers both here in our plant in Ohio as well as subcontracting under the "Stainless Power" brand. In fact, Stainless Works still is manufacturing all the lead pipes and X-pipes in our plant here, and providing catalytic converters, O2 extensions, clamps and header bolts for the Stainless Power product line.

We have, to date, selected only a few header products to be subcontracted under the "Stainless Power" brand. Not only will we continue full production for the current "Stainless Works" products, but in fact, we are currently increasing our commitment to manufacturing headers and exhaust products here in Ohio. We are breaking ground in December 2011 for a large expansion, and have ordered another all electric CNC mandrel bender with stackable tooling capable of 1D bending up to 3" dia. in 304 SS Tubing. This expansion and investment of over $1MM is designed to increase capacity and reduce lead times for our values customers proving our continued commitment to the Stainless Works' "Made in the USA" tradition.


What are the differences between the two products, "Stainless Works" vs. "Stainless Power"?

Because we have designed both products to have very similar acceptance standards, there are few visual differences. The main differences will be in the header flanges, which are slightly different. For instance, the "Stainless Power" LS1 header flanges contain four oval holes, while our "Stainless Works" header flanges contain all round holes. We continue to provide a full lifetime warranty for our "Stainless Works" header products, but only a two year warranty for the "Stainless Power" products. We carefully control all aspects of our internally produced "Stainless Works" products, allowing us to offer a full lifetime warranty for these products, something we cannot effectively do for subcontracted "Stainless Power" products.


How will I be certain that I am not getting the cheaper headers when I order American made "Stainless Works" products?

Stainless Works reputation as a top designer, developer and manufacturer of American made products will never be compromised by offering the Stainless Power value product line. We have no interest in subcontracting Stainless Works products and pretending that they are made here in our facility. The two product lines are kept fully separate, boxed and stored under different part numbers, and sold under the different brands. At any time, anyone is welcome to visit our facility to verify that this is the case, 100% of the time. We are deeply committed to this, and take great pride in manufacturing Stainless Works products at our Ohio facility in the USA.