The Sound Of Adrenaline
Stainless Works' Legend and Redline Series

Stainless Works is known for our no-holds-barred, gasoline-drenched attitude when it comes to performance exhaust systems. We’ve always loved that classic, old-school, muscle car growl and make it our mission to create products that increase the heart-rate when it comes to performance and sound.

With that spirit in mind, we are introducing two signature sounds to satisfy a variety of horsepower junkies. Legend and Redline both carry the DNA of our blue-collar, no-nonsense muscle-car sound, but are designed with different users in mind.

Redline Series

Our Redline series is designed to get the most aggressive sound out of your ride. We design Redline systems to maximize the volume and tone of the engine, while still eliminating any drone in the cabin. Resulting in a feeling that will make you want to high-five your friends in the face.

Legend Series

Our Legend series is designed to create our signature growl, increase volume over stock, yet maintain a comfortable cabin environment. We design Legend systems with the daily-driver in mind, improved tone with restrained loudness. A system that still gets the blood flowing, but allows for a comfortable ride.

Vehicle Specific Sound Engineering

The Legend and Redline series are not merely mufflers that we throw on all applications, but a sound signature, that we look to achieve for each vehicle and motor. Each system is specifically designed to create the Stainless Works rumble and improve the driving experience.