Maximizing Power, Sound & Flow
Ford Explorer ST 2020+

Introducing Stainless Works line of performance systems for the 2020+ Ford Explorer to customize your ride.

Take your Explorer to aggressive and powerful with our downpipe & catback systems.

Upgraded Catalytic Converter

Modern applications require modern solutions. Stainless Works systems now offer top-of-the-line G-Sport Catalytic Converters. This system gives you a choice between G-Sport cats or UHO GEN2 Advanced cats, making your downpipe work seamlessly with modern oxygen sensor systems, optimizing fuel combustion and minimizing emissions. Make your system run smoothly from flanges to tips.

Innovative Design

We take our years of experience, and inject that knowledge into creating performance systems that maximize horsepower, torque and sound. Each system is designed for the specific vehicle with distinct features to get the most performance possible along with great fitment.

Solid Construction

Made to withstand grueling engine conditions, Stainless Works systems are fabricated from 304 stainless steel, which not only resist corrosion, but is more durable than its aluminized steel or 409 stainless steel counterparts.

‣ 304 stainless steel construction
‣ TIG welded for strength
‣ Mandrel bent (no buckling) for optimal flow
‣ Designed and Made in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Increased Power

Stainless Works’ systems unlock the power of your engine. Our mandrel bent downpipes reduces back pressure, and will bring new found power that you can feel and hear.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Stainless Works headers and exhausts are designed to take the punishment of your motor, and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Guarantee on material and workmanship.


We want to make sure installation goes as smoothly as possible, that's why Stainless Works systems come Install-Ready.

Whether clamps, O2 extensions, bolts or RTV silicone, our headers and exhausts come with all necessary accessories to make installation as smooth as possible.